Communications and Multimedia Laboratory, National Taiwan University
Multimedia Information System Laboratory, National Cheng Kung University
Institute of Information Technology, Klagenfurt University
MagicLabs, HTC Corporation
Information and Communications Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications and Services Institute, Institute for Information Industry
Multimedia Computing Laboratory, National Chung Cheng University
Ultra-Communication Vision Laboratory, Taipei National University of the Arts
Department of Emergency Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital

Scholars Visited Us

Time Name Affiliation Activity
12 Nov, 2010 Dr. Yu-Shuen Wang National Cheng Kung University Talk: "Content Aware Visual Media Retargeting"
22-24 Dec, 2010 Prof. Chong-Wah Ngo Dept. Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong Short Visit, Talk: "Large-scale Multimedia Search by Semantic Concepts"
16-18 Feb, 2011 Dr. Meng Wang National University of Singapore Short Visit, Talk: "Bridging Human and Multimedia: Content-Based Image and Video Accessibility Enhancement"
29 Apr, 2011 Prof. Mei-Chen Yeh National Taiwan Normal University Talk: "Video Copy Detection by Fast Sequence Matching"
30 May, 2011 Dr. Wan-Chun Ma University of Southern California Talk: "Recent Advances in Photo-Realistic Facial Animation"
1 Sept, 2011 Prof. Neng-Hao Yu National Chengchi University Talk: "Tangible Interaction Design on Multi-touch Display"
9 Sept, 2011 Prof. Wei-Ta Chu National Chung Cheng University Talk: "Image/Video Segmentation and Annotation by Social Media Analysis"
14 Nov, 2011 Prof. Lexing Xie Australian National University Short Visit, Talk: "Visual Memes and Event Buzz: Tracking Real-World News in Social Media"
6 Dec, 2011 Prof. Sen-Ching Samson Cheung University of Kentucky Talk: "From Magic Mirror to Autism: Using Computational Multimedia for Video Self-Modeling Therapy"
7 Dec, 2011 Prof. Robin Bing-Yu Chen National Taiwan University Talk: "Designing User Interfaces for Peripheral Interaction with Multimedia"
19 Apr, 2012 Prof. Weisi Lin Nanyang Technological University Talk: "Recent Development in Perceptual Visual Quality Evaluation"
24 May, 2012 Dr. Jui-Hsin Lai National Taiwan University Talk: "Application, Algorithm, and Architecture Design of Video-Based Rendering : Using Tennis Video as an Example"
19 Sept, 2012 Prof. Hung-Kuo Chu National Tsing Hua University Talk: "Perceptual-based Rendering in Computer Graphics"
4 Oct, 2012 Dr. Chunming Li University of Pennsylvania Talk: "An Energy Minimization Framework for Estimation of Intrinsic Images with Applications to MRI"
25 Oct, 2012 Prof. Wei-Min Liu National Chung Cheng University Talk: "Investigating Vascular Activities via Infrared Imaging"
28 Nov, 2012 Prof. Klaus Schoeffmann Klagenfurt University Short Visit, Talk: "A 3D Interface to Improve Visual Search"
11 Apr, 2013 Dr. Wan-Chun Ma Weta Digital Talk: "Mass Production for Digital Face Puppets"
6 May, 2013 Prof. Chia-Wen Lin National Tsing Hua University Talk: "Video Retargeting, its Applications, and Quality Assessment"
1 July-14 Sept, 2013 Prof. Chia-Wen Lin National Tsing Hua University Short Visit
14 Sept, 2013 Prof. I-Cheng Yeh Yuan Ze University Talk: "Human Activity Visualization"
8 Oct, 2013 Prof. Cong-Kai Lin National Dong Hwa University Talk: "A Study on 3D Model Analysis and its Applications"
31 Oct, 2013 Prof. Weisi Lin Nanyang Technological University Talk: "Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) for Visual Signals"
11 Dec, 2013 Prof. Benoit Huet EURECOM Talk: "Bringing Context to Multimedia Content Analysis"
19 Jan-15 Feb, 28 June-14 Sept, 2014 Prof. Min-Chun Hu National Cheng Kung University Short Visit
13 Feb, 2014 Prof. Hao-Chuan Wang National Tsing Hua University Talk: "On Grounding Human Communication with Human-Computer Interaction"
27 May, 2014 Prof. Kiyoharu Aizawa University of Tokyo Talk: "FoodLog: Multimedia Food Recording Tool"
29 May, 2014 Dr. Yu-Hsun Lin National Taiwan University Talk: "Quality Assessment of 3D Image/Video by Binocular Frequency Integration Behaviors"
22 Aug, 2014 Dr. Lisa Brown IBM Research Talk: "Video Surveillance Research at IBM Color Reliability, Person Re-Identification and View-Invariant Object Detection"
28 Aug, 2014 Prof. Yu-Gang Jiang Fudan University Short Visit, Talk: "Recognizing Actions and Complex Events in Unconstrained Videos"
12-14 Dec, 2014 Prof. Min-Chun Hu National Cheng Kung University Short Visit
13 Dec, 2014 Prof. Yi-Hui Chen Asia University Short Visit
18 Dec, 2014 Ms. Bing Li Chinese Academy of Sciences Talk: "Content-Aware Media Retargeting: From 2-D to 3-D"
18 Dec, 2014 Prof. Chia-Wen Lin National Tsing Hua University Short Visit
18-21 Dec, 2014 Prof. Gerald Friedland University of California, Berkeley Short Visit, Talk: "Drinking from a Multimedia Firehose: Large-Scale, Audio-based Search in Consumer-Produced Videos"
11 June, 2015 Prof. Michelle Chen San Jose State University Talk: "Understanding Library User Engagement Strategies through Large-Scale Twitter Analysis"
13 July, 2015 Prof. Frank Shih New Jersey Institute of Technology Talk: "Digital Image Forensics"
1 July-13 Sept, 2015 Prof. Min-Chun Hu National Cheng Kung University Short Visit
17 Sept, 2015 Prof. Yung-Yao Chen National Taipei University of Technology Talk: "Challenges of Modern Barcode System: Data-Hiding in Halftone Images"
22-26 Sept, 2015 Prof. Klaus Schoeffmann Klagenfurt University Short Visit