Overview of Our Research Areas

We have long devoted to advanced research of multimedia technologies, especially in the fields of multimedia content analysis, 2D/3D image processing, mobile multimedia applications, and human computer interaction. The core value of our research is to bridge the semantic gap between the human and computers, known as a challenging research issue in the multimedia research fields. The long-term goal of our research directions is to effectively resolve the above semantic gap problem and able to produce high-impact research with either theoretical or practical breakthroughs.

Selected Research Projects

    Human Action Recognition

    "Human Action Recognition and Retrieval Using Sole Depth Information," ACM Multimedia, 2012.

    Human-Centric Content Analysis

    "Clothing Genre Classification by Exploiting the Style Elements," ACM Multimedia, 2012.

    Mobile Human-Computer Interaction

    "AttachedShock: Facilitating Moving Targets Acquisition on Augmented Reality Devices using Goal-Crossing Actions," ACM Multimedia, 2012.

    Sports Video Analysis

    "Who's Who in a Sports Video? An Individual Level Sports Video Indexing System," IEEE ICME, 2012. (EI, acceptance rate=30%)

    2D to 3D Image Conversion

    "Single Image Depth Estimation from Image Descriptors," IEEE ICASSP, 2012. (EI)

    Large-Scale Image Object Retrieval

    "Unsupervised Semantic Feature Discovery for Image Object Retrieval and Tag Refinement," IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2012. (SCI, EI)

    "Unsupervised Auxiliary Visual Words Discovery for Large-Scale Image Object Retrieval," IEEE CVPR, 2011 (EI, acceptance rate=22.5%)

    Citi-View Image Retrieval

    "Augmenting Mobile City-View Image Retrieval with Context-Rich User-Contributed Photos," ACM Multimedia, 2011 (EI, acceptance rate=25%)

    Semantic Video Segmentation Using Social Network Analysis

    "Dynamic Social Network for Narrative Video Analysis," ACM Multimedia, 2011 (EI, acceptance rate=25%)

    Personal Photo Management

    "Interactive Digital Scrapbook Generation for Travel Photos Based on Design Principles of Typography," ACM Multimedia, 2011 (EI, acceptance rate=25%)

    Mobile Video Streaming Using Image Upsampling Techniques

    "MobiUP: An Upsampling-Based System Architecture for High Quality Video Streaming on Mobile Devices," IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, October 2011 (SCI, EI)

    Social Mobile Applications

    "SocialCRC: A Social- and Context-Aware Rendezvous Coordination System," ACM CHI, 2010 (EI)

Research Grants